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Tips for the Yard Period - Interior Department



It’s that time of the year again; you have finished the Med Season (well done!) and are wrapping up and preparing for the shipyard period.

To make it easier, we have prepared a few tips that will help you get through it:



Define your goals:
Make sure to define clear goals that you would like to achieve during this period. This will make it easier to build a schedule that combines the maintenance of the interior and getting through the work list. Make sure you have a good idea of the duration of the yard period, the contractors that will come on board and the defined budget for your department. 


Organization is Key: 
Make sure you have a system of organizing that works for you. Before packing anything make sure to take pictures of the items, where and how you have stored them in the cupboard and drawers. Whether it is color coding, numbers or a any method that you choose, make sure that it is clear to everyone involved, this will make it easier when you have to unpack the items back on to the yacht.  



Update the interior inventory as you go and make a list of what you would need to top up in all areas, whether it is linen and towels, silverware or cleaning materials. Make sure to include the brand, model, supplier, picture, description and most importantly where it is stored on board or in a storage unit. For custom made items that need to be topped up, the sooner you contact the suppliers the better, as these items require a longer while to be prepared. Do your research on how to store the delicate materials such as silver, silk, linen, valuable art and even wine. Any change of temperature and humidity can destroy some items so it is best to be prepared.


Set Your Rules:

The yard period is usually messy, due to the extensive works done on board. Dust and dirt find their way into almost every part of the yacht and so try to get most surfaces covered and protected. Make sure to make signs and explain the rules to the other crew members as well. Most contractors specify in their profession and some do not know how to deal with delicate surfaces. Make sure you guide the contractors and that you always have covers / drop cloths available and that all crew know where they are in case needed. If the budget enables it, consider investing in custom floor runners that will protect the floor during this period whilst the contractors are coming in and out of the yacht.


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