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Visionary Designer George Lucian

June 9, 2019



If you have been following yachting design trends lately, you must have come across the intriguing designs of George Lucian. The visionary designs have been published in the press worldwide, including in Fox News, The Sun, GQ, Boat International and so many more. 


One of his first designs that got a lot of attention was the 'Dare to Dream' , an airship carrying superyacht. This design incorporated aviation and yachting and was targeted to an owner that is looking to combine the both. The clean lines,  and enormous aft deck including pool look nothing like anything we have seen before. George definitely provides the very definition of jaw dropping innovative designs.


George was born and raised in Romania . At 19 he moved to Vienna, Austria to study International Business and International Relations. After graduating, he started working at Danube Cruise shipping Company, and was in charge of two river cruise ships. George who was always fascinated by yachts was looking for something that is more focused on yachts, and tried his luck by applying to jobs in Monaco in the yachting industry. After 2 years of searching, he got a job at ONLY YACHT Super Yacht Insurance, where he has been working for 6 years now. 

George was always very passionate about ships and yachts and he had drawn hundreds of them throughout the years. He recalls drawing yachts during class at school from a very young age. 8 years ago George had started drawing his designs digitally. 

George takes his inspiration from the world of modern art, design, architecture and the aviation industry:
''I sketch all the time, meaning that I play around with designs until I get to a shape which I think is interesting. Nevertheless, sometimes I have an idea in my head, which I put on paper and then in the 3D model. After I progress with the design I keep doing modifications and alternatives until I get to the final desired shape. Afterwards I send it for renderings.'' Amogst many other, his favorite designer is Phillip Stark as "he dares to design out of the ordinary iconic yachts".


The latest creation of George is an Explorer: ''Designed for the Northwest Passage, arctic navigation: Fata Morgana – The Strange Mirage at the Sea – Explorer Super Yacht Concept. Shaped to mingle with the landscape, ice bergs, ice and clear sky and create an illusion of an imaginary island, just like in the sailor’s legends, or even be confused with a mythological marine monster. Panoramic views from the glass lounges and VIP and owners’ quarters, to be able to see the aureoles, Big range, Smooth long-distance navigation kite assisted . "

Out of all of his designs, George would like most to see his MY ROSWELL come to life.

MY Roswell is designed to be a fully electric aluminium 65 m super yacht. It's shape is influenced by the navy, the modernity of aircraft and space crafts. The bow side includes a living area, a swimming pool, a lounge and dining area and the yacht is also equipped with a helicopter pad.   



When asked to answer the questions - tell us one thing people probably don’t know about you? he answered: ''My sister is a magician ''


Although his designs have not yet been built, we think that they are inspiring and his ideas are absolutely ground breaking and we are very lucky that George took the time to meet with us to discuss his designs. 


You can check out George's designs on his website:




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