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When working as a yacht stewardess you are in constant need for inspiration for table settings and decorations. Whilst there is so much inspiration out there in the social media channels, the real challenge is to take that inspiration and convert it to a beautiful table setting, with what you have on board. This month we have asked two of our favorite yacht stewardess Instagrammers - Influencers to share their tips and answer a few short questions that may simplify the process. 



The talented Tash owns the beautiful Instagram page @stewinspo which we at Centerpiece have been following for quite a while. The ever beautiful blue ocean back drop compliments the table settings and decorations designed by Tash and the interior crew. Her inspirational feed includes mainly beautiful table settings , with endless creativity and inspiration. This is what Tash replied to our questions:


 Your must haves for table settings and decorations?



1. Flowers – local flowers can bring life to the table as well as a part of the world that you are traveling and the different seasons

2. Vases – Add height and structure to a table, can be used with flowers and candles

3. Picture frames – Can be used as base for a theme, for example – filled with sand with a sea shell display and also to incorporate a theme into the table for example – photos of your guest’s favorite movie, song lyrics of their favorite band or family photos from past trips.

4. Stones, beads and glittery crystals/diamonds – can add that last final touch to a table

5. Clear glass tea lights from pier one – they provide a beautiful pattern and movement to the table the way the light plays off the texture of the tea light. Real candles are a must, if the weather allows.

6. Good quality fake flowers – absolutely key on a yacht when traveling, long guest trips in isolated areas, and if you have a limited flower budget. I have found fantastic fake flowers that are now included in certain themes. For example our breakfast at tiffanies theme has three fake blue hydrangeas as the main focal point.

7. Mirrors – 3 round mirrors can change a table

8. Runners – a great way to incorporate a theme. We have designed our own runners. Finding materials, you like and have a runner made to fit the table with enough space between your charger/glassware and the runner.


Your Preferred Brands?

Kim Seybert

Pier 1


Hobby Lobby


West Elm


Go-to table decoration themes?



When I join a yacht, I always look to see what  decorations/themes are onboard that fit into the following color themes. I find if you can anchor the tables within these basic 4 groups you can put together any table theme and it’s also achievable to never repeat a table while your guests are onboard. China patterns onboard will also influence what themes you can develop.

1. Gold

2. Silver

3. Black and White

4. Blue


Where do you get your inspiration from?


Interior design pages

China patterns onboard the yacht

Guests hobbies and passions

Collaborating with the yacht’s interior designer, owner and stewardess onboard


Do you have any strategy for planning table settings/decorations?

I work on 3-5-7 always odd numbers.

When developing a new table, I always start with the three main center pieces, the focal aspects of the table. I find setting the placemats, chargers, napkins, cutlery and glasses next gives you the tables structure and stops you cluttering the space. Then you can add additional theme items, usually in two groups between the 3 main focal points and, tealights (3-5-7) scattered through the table, beads and stones.

Themes onboard are usually developed around a location, guests’ hobbies and of course nautical. For example, we have recently developed a Safari theme onboard after our guests traveled through Africa and joined the yacht in the Mediterranean. We used gold as the base theme, 3 vases, flowers, added gold safari animals, tealight and beads. To develop this theme, we purchase safari animals from hobby lobby and two packets of fake flowers from West Elm.

Tables are also based around the menu. It’s a great way to complement the chefs menu and embrace a theme


It is no secret that we absolutely adore Gemma Christian from @thayachtstew, not only for table setting inspiration but for much more than that. She has launched a new website, runs a beautiful inspirational feed about all topics related to yachting and stewardesses and is really one of our favorite girls out there, this is what Gemma replied to our questions: 



Must have items for table settings and decorations ? 



1.  Fake candles (perfect for windy nights!)

2. Large unique pieces that can be turned into showstopper pieces. For example: I have purchased large gold geometric sphere’s & put candles inside, cover them with flowers, lace fairy lights along the outside etc. A few big pieces are great when you need that WOW factor

3. Two plain table cloths, one black & one white. These are ESSENTIAL. Whether you the guests want you to use them every day or just on special occasions, a well fitting tablecloth makes the world of difference on the formality of the setting

Your Preferred Brands?

1.  Tiffany’s, the perfect luxury brand for elegant occasions

2.  Zara home - great if you are on a smaller budget

3.  Kate Spade for quirky pieces

4.  H&M home - perfect for a tight budget & filler pieces such as tea light holders

Go-to table decoration themes?


1.  Gold & White. white peonies, orchids & hydrangeas against gold accents are just breathtaking at night with candles flickering


2. Wine. Save all of the corks & reuse them in long, tall vases. This theme of table usually look fantastic with a maroon colored napkin fold & large pillar candles.


3. Tropical. Maybe it’s because I went back to the Caribbean after a few years docked in Canada, but I am slightly obsessed with the vibrancy of tropical florals against the rich green foliage. It’s a fun chance to play around with colour, while keeping it elegant & luxurious.

Any tips for stewardesses out there?


Don’t be afraid to try something new! Have a color combo in mid that you? Try it and keep adjusting it until you are 100% happy with the setting. It’s easy to keep repeating similar settings, its hard to constantly push the envelope & push yourself to genuinely create something impeccable.

Where do you get your inspiration from?


I love interior design magazines and social media accounts. I find I’m way more inspired to use textures and contrast once I’ve seen it on a bigger scale. Another source of inspiration for me is choosing a theme. For example, I may choose “Rustic Gold” and from there, I pull everything that represents this idea into the pantry and start to work on putting it all together.

Instagram / Pinterest pages that you recommend to follow?


I have hundreds of pins on my Pinterest board from a variety of pages! I usually look for unique weddings & home decor to find fresh new ideas. My favourite instagram accounts include @fashionablehostess, @tohavetohost, @elledecor

Do you have any strategy for planning table settings/decorations?


Yes! I did a blog post on this with Centerpiece listing out the 8 steps

I take when organizing a table setting. Once I started creating the settings ahead of time in Pantry, I was really able to perfect minor details which made a huge difference. So often we gather pieces onto trays & they go straight on the table without much thought as the angles of vases, or if there is an unbalance of shapes. It’s the minor details that can turn any setting into something INCREDIBLE.


So, dear stewardesses, if you haven't followed them yet, make sure you do!

Thank you Tash and Gemma for allowing us to pick your brains and share with us these helpful tips!

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