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The Journal of #CPCustomProjects


Or in other words- what we really do..!

Our day started of on a beautiful sunny morning in the Italian Riviera. We are on our way to a shipyard to meet the Chief Stewardess of one of our ongoing projects, a beautiful 50m motor yacht in refit. 


The yacht was purchased by a new owner who wanted to refit the yacht's interior completely and with that the interior equipment and some other bits and pieces. 

Our goal today is to finalize the details of the order for the interior items and to suggest any additional items that might be required. 

We arrive to the shipyard and step on board. The yacht , although covered inside and out due to the ongoing refit- is absolutely magnificent. We never seize to be amazed by the beautiful designs and innovative features in the industry! The details , the lighting , the finish - is all just absolutely amazing. After a short coffee - we get to work!


This first meeting on board is a result of many email exchanges and so we are here with samples and ready for some decision making! We meet with the chief stewardess and interior designer to go over the design of the linen,  the towels, the carpets, and a very long list of bar accessories and service ware. In addition, we also go over the loose decor items ( such as lanterns , candles, table decorations, stationary etc) and discuss where everything will be placed. 


Later,  after agreeing on the brands and items we started carefully selecting and ordering the linen and towels (for guests and crew), toiletries, service ware sets, glasses, carpets, deck baskets and much more. 



Some of the items will be ordered directly from luxury brands and some items will be sourced locally by us. We put our  attention to the details, for example suggesting faux leather covers as protection for the leather areas in the interior of the yacht in guest cabins, and 5L bottles to refill the toiletry dispensers and so on. 


And so after a lovely day on board, it's time to start making our way back to our office. There, we spend the next few days collecting quotes from our suppliers and making sure that the supply time meets the project timeline and that the yacht is ready for the launch.


The next meeting on board will be towards the completion of the refit once all items are on board. After some more months of exchanging emails back and forth with the lovely chief stewardess, and placing the different orders, measuring, tracking and verifying - it will be really nice to see all the items arriving bit by bit to the yard, unpacked and stored in their place. 



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