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EDG, Gold Spiky Vase.H22cm, D17cm.

Gold Vase, Spiky

EDG, Clear Glass with a slight Beige Tone. H11cm, D13cm

Candle Holder, Tulip

EDG, Small Brown Marbled Glass Vase. H18cm, D 20cm

Marbled Vase, Carrera Small

JLP, Large Round Clear Glass Vase. Height 30 cm, Diameter 21 cm

Glass Vase, Vetro

EDG, Dark Green Stripe Vase. H19cm, D24cm

Glass Vase, Stripe

EDG, Round Blue Glass Vase with Pattern. H18cm, D20cm

Blue Glass Vase, Bubble

EDG, Hammered Copper Square Vase. H14 cm, W16cm

Copper Vase, Square

EDG, Blue Glass Vase with Top. H32cm, D22cm

Glass Vase, Wave

EDG, Tall Brown Marbled Glass Vase, H31cm, D24cm.

Marbled Vase, Carrera Tall

EDG, Hammered Copper Rectangular Vase.Height 13cm, Lenghth 30cm, width 15cm

Copper Vase, Rektangular

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